About Heal for Life

Heal for Life is a non-profit charity and organisation. We provide a number of services and support for those seeking treatment and help to overcome childhood trauma and abuse.


At Heal for Life, we have several long-term goals. Some of these include operating an effective outreach program and promoting a better understanding of the lasting effects of childhood abuse and trauma. We also facilitate a program specifically for indigenous communities. Our survivor-facilitators uphold the utmost professional and compassionate standards.

childhood trauma

Heal for Life was established as a safe place for survivors of past childhood trauma still recovering from their abuse. The centre is comprised of several different healing programs including for adult, youth, and children.

counsellors and psychologists.

Our main centre is currently situated on several hundred acres of land adjacent to Cessnock and roughly an hour west of Newcastle. In addition to this, Heal for Life has expanded towards holding programs in Western Australia, the UK, and even the Philippines. The Trauma Centre located in Newcastle provides facilitators such as counsellors and psychologists.

unique centre and service

Heal for Life is a unique centre and service. We are run entirely by qualified and experienced survivors of childhood trauma. Survivors will feel understood and heard, as everyone they encounter has stood in their shoes.

Why Heal for Life?

Each guest chooses to visit the centre for a different and completely personal reason. No two people have had the exact same experience or require the exact same treatment. However, the many reasons survivors may choose to seek help from Heal for Life include:

  • They are ready to seek help for abuse issues such as neglect, abandonment, physical/sexual/emotional abuse.
  • They have suffered from additional effects of abuse such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other forms of mental anguish.
  • They are seeking a way to cope with any mental or physical health problems besides medication.
  • They have been referred by mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, specialists, or counsellors.
  • They are grateful for our affordable prices.

Heal for Life prides itself on its wide variety of services provided to survivors. Some of these include:

  • Specialised trauma centre in Newcastle complete with counsellors and psychologists
  • Indigenous services with inclusive and culturally appropriate treatments for members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Education including advanced therapeutic certification
  • Residential services and healing programs for both adults and children alike

Our Healing Philosophy



When it comes to childhood trauma and abuse, Heal for Life believes every individual has an innate ability to heal. But we also know that every survivor responds and reacts to treatments differently. Because of this, each program will be highly personal to each and every survivor.

insight and empathy.

All our facilitators who have devised these programs are also survivors of childhood trauma. Because of this, we want them to be seen as a source of not only comfort and support, but also for insight and empathy.

The programs at Heal for Life

The programs at Heal for Life include the latest in neuroscience research, and we work to include not only the most effective therapeutic methods, but also our own intuition and anecdotal knowledge. While we facilitate and support, we also believe each individual is responsible for knowing what works best for their health.

 Our Healing Model:

  • As stated before, all our programs are supervised by highly trained professionals who are also survivors of childhood abuse. Because of this, many of our guests feel welcomed and understood. Additionally, these survivors stand as a positive testament to the path of healing and how it is possible to achieve.
  • We uphold confidentiality at all times.
  • We work to ensure that all guests feel safe in every conceivable way during their stay.
  • Communal living creates a familial setting that is both comforting and healthy. This includes communal meals, spiritual reflection, and community work.
  • Because each person’s path varies, there are no time constraints when it comes to completing the program. Each guest is encouraged to stay as long as they choose and to continue their journey after departing.
  • Since everyone at the centre is a survivor of abuse and trauma, there are no hierarchies when it comes to learning. Everyone is encouraged to learn from one another in an even exchange of support and compassion.
  • Heal for Life believes in the importance of a spiritual path as well as an emotional one. Reaching out to a higher power helps make connections, find one’s centre, and discover inner peace. We encourage each guest to find their own personal spiritual path and use that as a guide towards tranquillity and mindfulness.

Heal for Life views healing as a holistic and spiritual experience. We aim to use the natural gifts of the body and the mind as medicine. An essential component of healing is feeling a sense of trust, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Jessica & Ron – Couple: Age 34 & 38

We work to provide these elements as we assist survivors in their program and path towards healing. We believe the absolute importance of inclusivity when it comes to healing regardless of gender, race, religion, sexuality, culture, or any other creed.

Brad: Age 27

All humans experience emotions and deserve to process them in a safe and nurturing environment.

Jane – Mother: Age 36

Our Objectives:

  • Active listening
  • Educating guests on the importance of having a safe place
  • Providing resources for creative expression
  • Teaching guests the use and function of visualisation techniques
  • Ensuring all community living aspects are well functioning, positive, and secure
  • Encouraging guests to take control of their path towards healing
  • Educating guests on psychological theories and practices to better understand themselves

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